Are you a handknitter? Your participation in a university research study on handknitting and local wool in the North Atlantic will benefit wool producers and handknitters who are seeking to build the market for local wool products.

This survey is for adults (18 or older) who hand knit. To participate and be entered into a drawing for a Prize (to be chosen) chose the geographic region where you currently live.

Great Britain or Ireland (Preview Version of the UK version of the survey for IRB application. Other versions of the survey for the links below will be “live” here following pretesting and only differ in word spelling (e.g. fiber/fibre) and the content of the choice experiment.)

North America


Rest of the World


This web page is an approved request for participation in research that has been approved or declared exempt by the Texas State Institutional Review Board (IRB).

To participate in this research or ask questions about this research please contact me, Gwendolyn Hustvedt,  at  +1-512-590-2122 and

This project [insert IRB Reference Number or Exemption Number] was approved by the Texas State IRB on [insert IRB approval date or date of Exemption]. Pertinent questions or concerns about the research, research participants’ rights, and/or research-related injuries to participants should be directed to the IRB chair, Dr. Jon Lasser 512-245-3413 – (  or to Monica Gonzales,  IRB administrator 512-245-2314 –  (

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