Sharing the Memories

Like human, families in the animal kingdom teach and share with their young.  This mother protects her young from the rising wind while sharing a lifetime of experience the calf will need for the future, tying it to the conference theme of Embracing and Managing Change.  Inspired by the haunting dignity of the African elephant, this 23” x 14” piece was made by felting dyed wool.  The felting process, done by hand with both water and needles, included the half-felting technique.  This technique, where pieces are felting separately for a brief period (half-felted) and then combined into one piece, allowed for a three dimensional quality to an otherwise flat piece.  Intended for display on a wall, the rippled texture of the surface is meant to evoke the body of the elephant.  Close inspection of the piece reveals increasing depth of color and texture.

Hustvedt, G. (2013) Sharing the Memories. American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences Juried Showcase and Exhibition, June 24-27, 2013, Houston, TX.


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