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Cotton and Sustainability

I created this short presentation about cotton and sustainability to present to students in my courses that do not have a primarily textiles focus. I will be sharing this presentation, as I have for several years now, with students in the UT-Austin Interior Design program.  In this 30 minute presentation,

Creative photo book

IFHE Young Professional Network Welcome

Sharing the Memories

Like human, families in the animal kingdom teach and share with their young.  This mother protects her young from the rising wind while sharing a lifetime of experience the calf will need for the future, tying it to the conference theme of Embracing and Managing Change.  Inspired by the haunting dignity of the African elephant, […]

Claim, Fence, Plow, Fertilize

  Our installation uses four sunbonnets to contrast ecological and agricultural interpretations of homesteading, while narrating the role of women homesteaders in establishing the primacy of agriculture on the Great Plains. We digitally designed and printed textiles with contemporary images of ecology-biological, geographic, geological, chemical and human-to demonstrate our ability to visualize prairie ecology as […]

History of Plaid

This felt piece was inspired by the Celtic origins of plaid as a pattern. The interlacing of colors is examined at a variety of scales in order to evoke the mountains and sea of the British Isles as viewed through a crofters window, the rhythm of the beating of the loom echoed in the rhythm of […]