For the past 16 years I have been seeking to innovate Home Economics*, my chosen discipline, through research, teaching and service that mainly focuses on sustainability and textiles. Browse this site for information about my publications, videos of presentations, descriptions of courses and curricula, links to resources and much more.

*While Home Economics has been rebranded as Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) in the U.S.A., I participate in the discipline internationally and for this reason, use the global and historic title.



Textiles is the heart of my work everyday.

My work ranges from economic research that will benefit fiber producers to basic research in the benefit of learning hand sewing.

TextileUpdate. Podcast.

Long before Serial, before podcasting was cool, a textiles professor was recording her course lectures and podcasting them to students who like to catch up on short sections of lectures at odd times. Several iterations later, TextileUpdate, the podcast, was born. The podcast is intended to provide a basic textiles education for people who do not have access in their current educational system, so pretty much the whole world!

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Featured Videos

In my role as IFHE President (2020-2024), I have had the luxury of deep thinking about the future of Home Economics. These short videos lay out my vision for the next few years and my goals as a leader within the field.