The generation sandwiched between the post-war baby boom and the 1980s baby boom, popularly but not always happily known as Generation X, came of age during massive societal shifts that directly impact their perspective on the nature of home, family, and professionalism.  Leadership for this generation was leadership into the third wave of feminism. With the 1980s being the signature decade for this cohort, while the generation has been stereotyped as the “slacker” generation, our hard-won distrust of the stability of fundamental structures of society was sharped by AIDS, trickle-down economics, divorce/single parenthood and the dawn of the two-income family.

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Welcome to my thoughts on innovation in higher education.  I am triply interested in this topic because I teach university students how to connect scientific research and consumers (i.e. Product Development), I research how innovation can be used to create sustainability for households and I serve the in Texas State’s Associate Vice President for Research office as the Faculty Liaison for Strategic Research Initiatives (currently focusing on innovation and economic prosperity). Higher education around the world is facing huge challenges related to accessibility and accountability. I am seeking to seed, join or build teams of stakeholders (students, faculty/staff and community members) to make Texas State a 21st century leader in student centered education.