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This study aims to explore the role of Hispanic consumers’ beliefs on water, drought and relevant resources in shaping their perceptions, self-reported behavior, and behavioral intention toward sustainable water consumption that embraces not only habitual activities of water conservation but also proactive actions that consumers take in their purchase decisions. We developed a comprehensive model depicting how water beliefs (utilitarian water belief, ecological water belief, perceived drought severity, and water resource concern) affect attitude, subjective norm, perceived control, and moral obligation toward sustainable water consumption, which in turn affects sustainable water consumption behavior and sustainable water appliance adoption intention. Data were collected through an online survey with a sample of 825 Hispanics in the United States. Model testing results indicated the significant effects of utilitarian water belief, ecological water belief, and water resource concern on Hispanic consumers’ perceptions and behaviors toward sustainable water consumption. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.

Kang, J., Grable, K., Hustvedt, G., Ahn, M. (2017). Sustainable water consumption: The perspective of Hispanic consumers. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 50, 94-103.

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