Welcome note President of International Federation for Home Economics

G. Hustvedt

Alexandria Science Exchange Journal, 2022

The decision to sew: making face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic

G. Hustvedt, Yu-cheng Liang

International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education, 2022

Careers During COVID: Fashion Students’ Confidence in the Face of a Pandemic

Hyojung Cho, Sergio C. Bedford, G. Hustvedt, Yu-cheng Liang

Breaking Boundaries, 2022

The Impact of COVID-19 on Fashion Students’ Stress Over Teaching Modalities

Hyojung Cho, Sergio C. Bedford, G. Hustvedt, Yu-cheng Liang, Maloree Malone

Innovate to Elevate, 2022

Mask Tracks: An On-Campus Observation of Style, Function, and Behavior

Marissa Navarro, Yuli Liang, G. Hustvedt

Breaking Boundaries, 2022

Appearance Management by Teachers: A COVID-19 Pandemic Exploration

Yu-cheng Liang, G. Hustvedt

Innovate to Elevate, 2022

Prioritizing Protection by Face Masks during COVID-19: The Application of Customer Open Innovation

Yuli Liang, G. Hustvedt, Jasmine Miller

Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market and Complexity, 2022

The “Joy of Letting Go”: Decluttering and Apparel

R. Eike, Michelle Burton, G. Hustvedt, Sunhyung Cho

Fashion Practice, 2021

Mask-Making to the Rescue: Key Skills During the COVID-19 Pandemic

R. Eike, Sunhyung Cho, G. Hustvedt

Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences, 2021

The consumer’s perspective: Care and maintenance in ‘use phase’ of clothing apparel life cycle

Courtney Barbour, G. Hustvedt, Michelle Burton, R. Eike

Sustainability in Fashion -, 2020

Consumer Perceptions of Transparency Scale

G. Hustvedt, Jiyun Kang


Sustainable water consumption: The perspective of Hispanic consumers

Jiyun Kang, Kaitlin Grable, G. Hustvedt, Mira Ahn


The route to water security for Texas: the 2015–2016 Texas water roadmap forums

R. Rosen, R. Mohtar, L. Cifuentes, G. Hustvedt, W. Patrick, C. Ragland, Susan V. Roberts, J. Vanegas, C.E.E. Wall, James A. Wall

Texas water journal, 2017

When the informal is the formal, the implicit is the explicit

C. Armstrong, G. Hustvedt, Melody Lehew, B. Anderson, K. Connell


Ikat on the Waves

G. Hustvedt


The Feasibility of Large-Scale Composting of Waste Wool

G. Hustvedt, Erica J. Meier, T. M. Waliczek


A model of sustainable household technology acceptance

Mira Ahn, Jiyun Kang, G. Hustvedt


Compulsive and Impulsive Shoppers: Hoarding of Fast Fashion Products

Sergio C. Bedford, G. Hustvedt, V. Bhardwaj


The Future of Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) and Home Economics: An International and Intergenerational Vignette

S. McGregor, G. Hustvedt, M. G. Smith, J. L. Roubanis, S. Lee, Jan Scholl, C. Makela, S. Wahlen, E. Goldsmith, P. Chen, S. DeVaney, G. West, J. Murnane, Kaija Turkki


Integrating sustainability into a social science: what are the essentials?

R. Eike, C. Armstrong, K. Connell, Melody Lehew, B. Anderson, G. Hustvedt


From ice boxes to smart grids: Technology in the homes of the future

G. Hustvedt, Christiane Pakula, H. Steyn, Mira Ahn, R. Stamminger


Labelling wool products for animal welfare and environmental impact

G. Hustvedt, H. Peterson, Yun‐Ju Chen



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